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Steam Cleaning

Carpets, like hard floors, need a regularly scheduled maintenance.
Carpet will generally hide dirt better than hard floors, so waiting to clean a carpet until it looks dirty is too late. The longer soils stay in the carpet, the more damage can occur.  Some of the soil that is tracked in is abrasive.  It falls below the carpet surface it can wear away at the carpet fibers as traffic passes.  Some soil and spills, can be sticky or oily.  This attracts more soil and the carpet's appearance deteriorates quicker that it should.
Vacuuming is your first line of defense in carpet maintenance.  Thorough vacuuming collects most of the soil deposited on you carpets.  It is important to remove soil deposited on carpets quickly.  The extent of carpet damage depends on how long soils are present and how much traffics the carpet receives. 
Bonnet cleaning is used when you need to remove surface soil and the area needs to be opened to traffic quickly.  Bonnet cleaning does not remove deep down allergens or soil that can wear away at the carpet fibers.
Extraction cleaning is the preferred maintenance method for extending the life of your carpet.  Using an extraction machine with hot water will clean the surface, the deeply embedded abrasive soils and the sticky, oily soils that are in the carpet. Deep cleaning will revitalize the carpet appearance, lengthen carpet life and provide for a cleaner healthier environment.

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